This resistor chart is designed to work accordingly with only the Mini Bulb from ODX. Despite all our efforts, we do not guarantee that it will 100% solve your hyperflashing / error code on the dash board. Refer to our technical assistance for more details.

ODX is not responsible for the cost of removal or installation and is not responsible for any incidental and consequential damages that could occur before, during or after the installation of any resistors. A high risk of fire hazard could happen when resistors are not installed by a trained technician. Resistors can reach an external temperature of 200°C when not installed properly. The heat generated by the resistors need to dissipate onto a metal surface. Always make sure you grind the paint on a flat metal surface, apply dielectric grease between the resistor and the metal surface and screw the resistor back in place. Any damage or injury as a result of improper use of this product is the sole responsibility of the user. Products may require additional materials, accessories, or installation hardware in order to be properly mounted to the intended vehicle. These necessary products may not be included with the product, and lack of inclusion in no way guarantees correct installation with only the product and materials provided.