ODX is a subsidiary of Onderground-design, a company who has been working in the automobile field since 2004, more specifically in the accessories, cosmetics and of customization of vehicles. It was in 2007 that the ODX division was born following the market boom in halogen lamps and HID xenon gas, which is actually where ODX got its company name (Onderground Design Xenon).

At ODX, automotive lighting is a passion that has been around for more than 10 years. We have established a trusted brand by offering innovative, high quality products coupled with unparalleled expertise. For distribution, ODX can now count on an extensive network of trained experts who can advise you on our products and their installation.

The ODX team is proud to serve their customers in a personalized way and guide them to find the product that meets their needs.


  • Peace of mind guaranteed!

    Our products are covered by the best warranties in the business. Our LED lights are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

  • Our expertise!

    Experts in our field, our technical support team has no equal. If you have any problems during installation, our technicians will find the right solution for you. 

  • Complete range of products!

    Whether fog lamp bulbs alternating between white and yellow as required, mini bulbs specifically designed for tight places, bulbs for vehicle-mounted spotlights, interior lighting, or high-performance light bulbs, we have the products to fit all your needs.

  • Our distribution network!

    Our light bulbs are not available online because we entrust them to a wide network of specialists ready to guide you through selecting and installing the best product.

  • Innovation and diligence!

    We work tirelessly with more than twenty overseas factories in order to choose and improve our products. We put them through a series of rigorous tests for several months before making a decision. Choosing ODX means choosing the best available products at the time of your purchase.


In memory of Éric Belec


ODX founder

Maxime Desnoyers

Technical advisor and product development

His strengths: The determination and the desire to be the leader in the latest technologies.

Kevin Darwish

Marketing director

His strengths: Every single detail is analysed