Unboxing of the new ODX SPARK, SPARK bulbs are perfect for replacing your original bulbs and help convert your vehicle to LED in a simple and affordable way. They are the same size as your original bulbs, without fan or ballast, and can be installed everywhere. Released: 2018-01-15.


Unboxing the new ODX SPEK, the ODX SPEK series offers specific LED products designed for your application. It's a direct fit application for specific vehicles. Released : 2018-04-01

ODX Compak

Unboxing the new ODX COMPAK, the ODX high performance COMPAK LED Package is the smallest LED in our series.  It can be installed almost everywhere and it's designed for compact installation areas. His shortest fan on the market is versatile and efficient. Released : 2017-07-01

ODX Projektor

Unboxing the new ODX PROJEKTOR, only compatible with a vehicle equipped with projector headlights. Specially designed downward-facing chips so that light can be projected properly. This will allow you to enjoy the full power of the wide horizontal beam of LED ODX bulbs.This set can also replace your original HIDs for a fraction of the cost. Like all our LED sets you will enjoy the impressive color contrast and increased security.

ODX Projektor

Unboxing the new ODX Intense.